top 10 melbourne’s leading double glazed window installers

Top 10 Melbourne’s Leading Double Glazed Window Installers

Maximise comfort and reduce your energy bills with leading double glazed window solutions in Melbourne. Our guide to the top 10 window installers helps you find the most competent professionals in the industry. These experts are committed to providing you with windows that are not only energy efficient but also add aesthetic value to your property. Ensure your home upgrade is handled by the best for guaranteed satisfaction.

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    DIY Double Glaze

    diy double glaze

    DIY Double Glaze has established itself as a leader in the Melbourne market for retrofit double glazing, enabling homeowners to upgrade their timber windows and doors to more energy-efficient versions. Their comprehensive service suite is designed to provide significant savings on energy bills, enhance indoor comfort, and reduce environmental impact.

    Services Include:

    • Retrofit Double Glazing: Focused on adding value and efficiency to existing windows.
    • DIY and Professional Installations: Options tailored to the customer’s expertise and preference.
    • Free Measure and Quote Service: Start your upgrade process with a tailored, no-cost assessment.
    • Expert Advice and Support: Guidance throughout the installation process.

    Phone: 1300 234 934
    Location: Factory by appointment at 10/1B Matisi St, Thornbury, Victoria, Australia

    Windows Republic

    Windows Republic specialises in providing locally made, energy-efficient, and noise-reducing windows and doors in Melbourne. They offer a comprehensive service that includes measurement, manufacturing, installation, and even decoration to enhance the comfort and functionality of residential spaces. The company is committed to delivering top-notch quality and service, aiming to exceed customer expectations with their premium glazing solutions.

    Services offered by Windows Republic include:

    • Energy Efficient Windows and Doors: Products designed to maximise thermal efficiency and reduce noise.
    • Free Measure and Quote: Comprehensive assessment and quotation service at no cost.
    • Installation and Decoration: Full service from the ground up, ensuring proper installation and aesthetic enhancement.
    • Online Quote Facility: Convenient online quote system for easy service engagement.

    Phone: 1300 040 480


    Winplex Double Glazing, based in Melbourne, offers high-quality uPVC double glazed windows and doors, combining German engineering with local Australian manufacturing. Their products are designed to enhance thermal efficiency and noise reduction in homes, thereby increasing overall comfort. Winplex stands out for its use of cutting-edge technology and materials, ensuring that their windows and doors not only meet but exceed industry standards. Their offerings include a variety of customisable options to suit different architectural styles and personal preferences, backed by a solid 10-year guarantee.

    Services offered by Winplex include:

    • Custom Installation of uPVC Windows and Doors: Tailored to specific residential requirements.
    • High Thermal and Acoustic Efficiency: Products designed to keep homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer while reducing noise.
    • Variety of Styles and Finishes: Windows and doors available in multiple styles, colors, and finishes.
    • Free Measurement and Quote: Complimentary service to accurately assess your needs and provide a detailed quote.
    • High Security Features: Enhanced safety with multi-locking points and toughened glass.

    Phone: 1300 475 512


    Thermawood specialises in retrofit double glazing systems for existing timber windows and doors, enhancing energy efficiency while preserving the character and aesthetic of the original frames. This Australian company utilises a unique patented dry glazing system designed to drain moisture, thereby extending the longevity of the glazing and maintaining the integrity of the wooden frames. The system involves inserting an insulated glass unit (IGU), optionally filled with argon gas, into the existing frames, which dramatically improves insulation against both heat and noise, making it an excellent choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their property without compromising its original charm.

    Services offered by Thermawood include:

    • Retrofit Double Glazing: Installation of double glazed units into existing timber frames to improve thermal and acoustic insulation.
    • Energy Efficiency: Enhanced insulation properties help reduce energy costs significantly.
    • Noise Reduction: The system substantially reduces external noise, ideal for homes in busy areas.
    • Draught Sealing: Installation of draught seals to further improve the energy efficiency of windows and doors.
    • Custom Glass Options: Offering low-E and other types of glass to meet specific needs.
    • Environmental Benefits: Reduction in energy requirements contributes to a lower carbon footprint.

    Phone: (03) 9039 6220

    Blue Sky Windows

    Blue Sky Windows, based in Melbourne, is renowned for its high-quality uPVC windows and doors that promise style, security, and energy efficiency. With over 20 years of experience in the window industry, this family-run business utilises profiles that are tested to Australian standards and tailored to provide safety and energy cost savings. Their products are particularly noted for their compliance with the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL 40) rating, ensuring resilience and protection. Blue Sky Windows also emphasises a personalised approach, offering custom manufactured windows to perfectly match the architectural style of any home, whether traditional or modern.

    Blue Sky Windows offers a variety of services including:

    • Custom Manufactured uPVC Windows and Doors: Designed to meet specific customer requirements and preferences.
    • Energy Efficient Solutions: Products designed to reduce energy bills and enhance comfort through superior thermal and acoustic properties.
    • High Security: Featuring multi-point locking systems and toughened glass for enhanced security.
    • Wide Range of Styles: Available in various designs and colors to match or create a new look for your home.
    • Passive House Standards: Offering up to 90% energy savings for ultra-efficient home designs.

    Phone: 03 9588 2198


    Facelift for Homes specialises in window and door replacements in Melbourne, offering bespoke solutions tailored to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of homes and businesses. With over 50 years of family-run expertise, they focus on delivering Australian-made, custom-designed products installed by professionals. The company offers a comprehensive 15-year warranty on their installations, emphasising their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Their product range includes bi-fold doors, sliding stacker doors, French doors, and various custom window options, catering to diverse design preferences and architectural needs.

    Services offered by Facelift for Homes include:

    • Custom Window and Door Replacement: Providing a range of options including single and double-glazed units.
    • Professional Installation: Ensuring a seamless fit and finish with installations carried out by qualified carpenters and builders.
    • Structural Alterations: Handling any necessary structural changes during the replacement process.
    • Retractable Fly Screens: Offering additional products like retractable screens for doors and windows.
    • 15-Year Warranty: Long-term assurance on the quality of workmanship and materials.

    Phone: 1300 732 523

    VUE Windows

    VUE Windows is a Melbourne-based company specialising in the design, fabrication, and installation of uPVC double-glazed doors and windows. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, VUE Windows prides itself on delivering high-quality products that enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of residential and commercial properties. Their offerings are notable for their energy efficiency, which significantly reduces heating and cooling costs, and for their superior sound insulation properties. All products are custom-made, ensuring they meet specific customer requirements and integrate seamlessly with various architectural styles.

    Services offered by VUE Windows include:

    • Custom Design and Fabrication: Tailoring uPVC windows and doors to specific customer needs.
    • Installation Services: Professional installation by an experienced team, ensuring optimal function and durability.
    • Window Replacement: Specialised in replacing existing windows with high-quality uPVC alternatives.
    • Energy Efficiency Solutions: Double or triple-glazed windows and doors designed to minimise energy usage.
    • Noise Reduction: Products specifically designed to reduce external noise, enhancing indoor comfort.

    Phone: 1300 786 673

    Smith Glass

    Smith Glass is a Melbourne-based glazing company led by experienced glazier Adam Smith, specialising in both routine and emergency glass repair services. Operating primarily in Melbourne’s North East, including areas like Macleod, Watsonia, Greensborough, Montmorency, Eltham, Heidelberg, and Ivanhoe, Smith Glass is known for its responsiveness and expertise in handling glass repairs outside of normal business hours. The company prides itself on delivering high-quality workmanship across residential, commercial, and industrial settings, emphasising efficiency, affordability, and the reliability of their service.

    The services offered by Smith Glass include:

    • Emergency Glass Repairs: Providing prompt and reliable services for urgent glass repair needs.
    • Glass Repair and Replacement: Specialising in all types of glass repair and replacement for various applications.
    • Mirror Replacement: Handling the replacement of damaged mirrors with precision.
    • Double Glazed Windows: Offering installation and repair services that enhance noise cancellation, security, and property value.
    • Shower Screens: Expert installation and repair of shower screens, along with free quotes.
    • Dog Doors: Installation services that offer freedom and comfort for pets.

    Phone: 0409 976 647

    Supertek Windows

    Supertek Windows is a prominent Australian manufacturer specialising in uPVC double and triple-glazed windows and doors, designed to provide exceptional thermal efficiency and noise reduction. Their products are tailored for the harsh Melbourne climate, helping to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures throughout the year. Supertek Windows stands out for their commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, offering products that significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. They provide a fully customisable range of window and door systems, ensuring that each installation complements the specific aesthetic and functional needs of their clients.

    Services offered by Supertek Windows include:

    • Custom uPVC Windows and DoorsOffering double or triple-glazed options for enhanced energy efficiency and noise insulation.
    • Professional Installation: Expert installation services ensuring optimal performance and minimal disruption.
    • Consultation and Customization: Personalised consultation to match products with the specific requirements of each home.
    • Thermal and Acoustic Insulation: Advanced technology used in windows and doors to improve comfort and reduce energy bills.
    • 10-Year Warranty: Guarantee on products to ensure customer satisfaction and product durability.

    Phone: +61 452 422 758

    Regency Windows

    Regency Windows is a prominent supplier and manufacturer of aluminium windows and doors in Melbourne, catering to both residential and commercial projects. Established in 1985, the company has built a strong reputation for innovative design and quality workmanship, operating from their Thomastown workshop. Regency Windows specialises in custom manufacturing aluminium window and door systems, offering a wide range of energy-saving products tailored to client specifications. Their commitment to providing top-tier products is matched by their dedication to client satisfaction, ensuring they meet unique design requirements with precision and care.

    Regency Windows offers a variety of services and products including:

    • Custom Manufacturing: Tailoring aluminium windows and doors to meet specific architectural needs.
    • Energy-Saving Systems: Providing solutions that enhance energy efficiency in buildings.
    • Expert Installation: In-house team ensures high-quality installation for various project scales.
    • Design and Innovation: Leading the industry in design with a focus on modern and efficient products.
    • Project Management: Comprehensive management from conception through completion to ensure client satisfaction and timely delivery.

    Phone: 03 9464 0533

    They significantly reduce the likelihood of internal condensation by maintaining a more consistent interior surface temperature.

    Low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings are thin metallic layers applied to glass that reflect infrared energy, improving a window’s insulation properties.

    Thicker glass can improve sound insulation and durability, but the overall performance also depends on the type of glass and the gas used.

    Installation can be done year-round, but mild weather may offer easier conditions for replacement.

    They can help by maintaining clear, unobstructed views and maximising natural light entry, which is beneficial for those affected by SAD.

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