Residential & Domestic Plastering Services in Melbourne

Trusted residential & domestic plasterers in Melbourne for over 16 years, we’ve completed over 10,000 domestic and commercial plastering jobs. We’ve seen it all and done it all in that time, so if you’re looking for high-quality, affordable residential plastering services, you’re in the right place!

  • Commercial & Residential Plastering

  • Ceilings & Gyprock Cornices

  • Custom & Venetian Plaster

  • Retail & Office Plastering

  • Plaster Wall & Crack Repairs

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    Residential Plastering Servicing Melbourne & Mornington

    Plastering National is your friendly, local residential plastering company in Melbourne. We deliver top quality plastering work to our customers, which we guarantee will be carried out to the highest standards. 

    With over 16 years of experience in the building industry, we can carry out all kinds of plasterwork – plastering ceilings, walls, coving, replacing the ceiling, Artex removal, repairs, or new projects. Our plastering services are ideal for commercial, industrial and residential sectors in London and surrounding areas.

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    All interior plastering in houses, townhouses, units, apartments, and granny flats. Quality workmanship whilst ensuring all work is completed by specified deadlines.

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    We provide fully tailored commercial and residential plastering services in Melbourne, Mornington and  the surrounding areas

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    We are very experienced commercial Plasterers / Gyprockers , providing high quality workmanship in all aspects of the commercial fit outs trade. 

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    Water damage? Crumbling cracked walls? Need ceiling repair? Or just want to freshen up your living space? Our plasterers can help!

    Our partners

    Full Service Plastering Contractors

    Plastering National in Melbourne is a team of residential plastering contractors who offer fully comprehensive plastering services tailored to each of our client's needs. Our expertise also extends to residential tiling and decorating making our individually tailored packages a hassle-free solution to getting your project completed to the highest possible standard.

    • General Plastering Services

    • Suspended Ceiling

    • Skimming Plastering

    • Coving & Cornice Services

    • Plaster board installations

    • Plaster batch repair

    • Ceiling repairs

    • Skim over Artex

    See What Our Clients Say About Our Plastering Services

    Katie Sills
    Katie Sills
    a month ago

    We highly recommend Ivan & the Plastering National team for solid plastering and restoration/ repair of heritage buildings. Ivan repaired external render on our 1886 Victorian house. He was able to repair some damage to large walls whereas other plasterers told us we needed to replace render to the whole wall. He has the skills and training in traditional techniques we were looking for. Nothing was too much trouble and he is extremely tidy and polite and helpful. We would not hesitate to use him again or to recommend him.

    tom cook
    tom cook
    3 months ago

    We have recently had the pleasure of having Ivan work on our ninety-seven year old Californian bungalow. The job was to repair the original lathe-and-plaster walls in a large room - Ivan was sympathetic to our values of having the walls made neat and tidy, solid, ready for the next hundred years. He also understood that we were interested in the process and explained and demonstrated each step along the way. The result is wonderful. There is no escaping the fact that lathe-and-plaster work creates mess and dust - but the care Ivan took with covers and sheets meant this was kept to a minimum. A very hard worker, exceptionally skilled, a delight to have around, we are happy to recommend Ivan's services.

    michael bishop
    michael bishop
    a year ago

    What a joy it was to see the team work their magic on the damaged, broken and missing pieces of plaster work on the facade of our 130 year-old home. He carefully and expertly rebuilt features back to their original form using traditional techniques and natural materials. A skilled craftsman, he is also approachable, patient, consultative and friendly. We are delighted with the result. Plastering National surpassed our expectations on all fronts and we could not commend them more highly.

    Sam Goyder
    Sam Goyder
    a month ago

    After having an extension put onto the front of our house, Ivan came and rendered the brick and blue board. He blended in the old and new seamlessly, completely covering the brick so no shape shows through. He works quickly and very cleanly. We highly recommend Ivan and the team. Fabulous job!

    Ellen Hudson
    Ellen Hudson
    a week ago

    The Plastering National tean did such a wonderful job at our house. They made the cracked walls and ceilings of our old Victorian home look like new again! We can't believe how smooth they are now. We're thrilled with their work. They was very reliable and take pride in their work. An absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend!

    Graeme Ceshire
    Graeme Ceshire
    1 year ago

    Ivan and the team were great to deal with. They did a wonderful and very reasonably priced job. They started and finished on time even though we added a few extra things.
    I had quite extensive damage to 3 walls which had required the house to be underpined. The walls now look like new and you would never know that there had been any damage.

    Michael Loganathan
    Michael Loganathan
    a year ago

    I am pleased to write this recommendation for the Plastering National team. We gave the team a variety of challenges to repair considerable damage to our 19th Century terrace. Ivan accepted all with professionalism, confidence and, even, enthusiasm. He has done all he said he would, and was at all times thoughtful, punctual and courteous. Great job!

    Jeni Stavreski
    Jeni Stavreski
    a month ago

    During our reno, the unexpected happen and we needed a solid plaster. From the moment I called Ivan, he guided us through our options and was very personable and clearly knowledgeable. After receiving his reasonably priced quote, he was a pleasure to deal with and went above and beyond to deliver. We couldn’t be more happy with how his work turned out. I would definitely recommend Ivan.

    Commercial, Domestic Interiors and Office Fitouts Melbourne

    Whether it is for external or internal paintwork, drywall installation, insulation, or converting to sustainable design; our painters and plasterers contractors have got your building needs covered. We’ve served both residential and commercial sectors during this time, and our record quality of results has satisfied many clients over the years.

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    Creating Sophisticated Commercial Interiors

    Join hands with the best plastering specialists of Melbourne to transform the interiors of your commercial space or business office using the most advanced technologies. Plastering National provides the best solutions for drywall plastering and gyprock installation with 100% satisfactory results.

    Our teams have the expertise and the experience to work with all kinds of plaster requirements and ensure the most exceptional results for every single client. Interiors are one of the significant aspects of any premise. It not only sets the overall ambience but also sets the impression of your organisation. Plastering National are popular for their attention to detail and crafting designer commercial spaces.

    Bespoke And Exclusive Indoor Plastering services

    While we can offer specialist plastering and building interior services of your commercial, office and retail shop fit-out project, one of the things our portfolio of industry-leading, Melbourne based clients have enjoyed, is the fact that we don’t just design and build.

    Plastering National services can project manage the entire process right from the start of the design concept all the way through to completion.

    indoor big blue swimming pool interior in modern minimalism style
    futuristic corridor

    Quality Shop & Office Fitouts For Melbourne Businesses

    Classic Walls & Ceilings specialises in office fit-out and shop fit-out for Melbourne businesses. With more than 16 years in the industry, our plasterers have experience in designing and building fit-outs for:

    • All internal plastering services
    • Suspended ceilings
    • Plasterboard ceiling systems
    • Plasterboard wall systems
    • Villaboard wall systems
    • Window reveals
    • Partition walls
    • Square set
    • Bulkheads
    • P50 shadow line
    • Suspended tile grid ceilings
    • Fire-rated systems
    • Suspended ceilings
    • Partition walls


    What is plastering in Australia?

    Plastering in Australia refers to the process of covering masonry surfaces with a thin layer of plaster for protection and decoration purposes. Plastering is commonly used in Australia to create internal wall finishes, and it serves the dual function of structural reinforcement and implementation of a design aesthetic. Plastering can be done with different types of materials, such as wet plaster, ornamental plaster, plasterboard, and rendering, depending on the specific requirements of the project.

    To become a plasterer in Australia, it is ideal to have a level 3 or 4 qualification on the Australian Qualification Framework, which is equivalent to Skills Level 3 occupation. Plastering is considered a skills-based occupation, and the qualifications required for it may vary depending on the state or territory where the work is to be carried out.

    The cost of plastering in Australia may vary depending on the type of plastering material used, the size, complexity, and number of coats required for the project. Material and labor prices for plastering can range from $25 to $90 per square meter, while plasterers can be hired for anywhere from $45 to $105 per hour. The cost may also differ by state or territory.

    In summary, plastering in Australia is the process of covering masonry surfaces with a thin layer of plaster for protection and decoration. It can be done with different types of materials, and the cost may vary depending on the specific requirements of the project and the location where the work is to be carried out.

    Home plastering refers to the process of applying a thin layer of plaster to the interior or exterior walls and ceilings of a home to create a smooth and level surface for painting or other decorative finishes. Plastering is a highly technical process that is usually best left to professionals, but homeowners can do it themselves provided they follow a few key guidelines.

    In Australia, plastering can be done using different types of plaster, such as wet plaster, ornamental plaster, plasterboard, or drywall plaster, depending on the specific requirements of the project.

    Plastering serves several purposes, including covering rough surfaces of walls, columns, ceilings, and other building components with a thin coat of plaster to make the surface smooth and durable. Plastering can also improve the aesthetic appearance of a home by giving a good finish to the walls and making the home look appealing.

    Overall, home plastering is an essential step in finishing the interior and exterior surfaces of a home, and it can be done using different types of plaster depending on the specific requirements of the project. While plastering can be done by homeowners, it is usually best to hire a professional plasterer to ensure the job is done correctly and to a high standard.

    Is plastering the same as Gyprocking?

    No, plastering is not the same as Gyprocking. Plastering involves the application of plaster, which is made from lime, sand, animal hair and other ingredients, to create a smooth interior finish on building walls and ceilings. Solid plaster is a traditional method of plastering that is known for its soundproofing properties and durability. It is typically more expensive and labor-intensive than Gyprocking.

    On the other hand, Gyprocking involves the use of gypsum board, also known as drywall or sheetrock, to plaster walls and ceilings. This method is popular because it is affordable, easy to install, and fire-resistant. Gyprock is also referred to as plasterboard or drywall.

    While Gyprock is more commonly used in modern building projects, it is not necessarily the best option for all situations. Solid plaster is preferred in some cases because it is stronger and provides better soundproofing [4]. White set plaster is another type of plaster that is a blend of hardwall plaster and lime putty and is applied to walls with a trowel. It must be allowed to cure for at least two months before painting or finishing with an approved alkaline-resistant coating.

    The cost of plastering can vary depending on the type of plastering used and the size of the area being plastered. The rates for hard plaster range from $30 to $70 per hour, while wet plaster ranges from $40 to $80 per hour. Ornamental plastering is much more intricate and can cost at least $8,000 for a three-bedroom home renovation project. Gyprock installation costs an average of $50 per hour, and the cost of Gyprock plasterboard ranges from $10 to $12 per square meter for Aquachek and $8 to $10 per square meter for Soundchek.

    In summary, while both plastering and Gyprocking involve applying materials to walls and ceilings, they are different methods with unique features and costs.

    What is the hourly rate for a plasterer in Australia?

    According to the provided web search results, the hourly rate for a plasterer in Australia varies depending on the location, experience, and type of plastering being done. The average hourly pay for a plasterer ranges from AU$27.23 to AU$32.69, with some experienced plasterers earning up to AU$49.99 per hour.

    However, plastering rates can also vary depending on the complexity of the project, the type of plaster being used, and the number of coats required. In Victoria and Queensland, plasterers charge around $45 per hour, while in New South Wales, the rate is around $48 per hour. In South Australia and Western Australia, the rate is around $50 per hour, with some plasterers quoting an hourly rate that covers both labor and materials.

    Overall, the hourly rate for a plasterer in Australia can vary significantly depending on various factors. It is important to get a quote from a plasterer that includes both labor and materials and to compare rates from different plasterers before making a decision.

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    Water damage? Blown crumbling walls? Need ceiling repair? Or just want to freshen up your living space? Our team of plasterers in Melbourne can cater to all your plastering needs, restoring your property no mater how big or small your project.

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